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Global Mapping Tools

eeGeo  are a software technology company whose cloud based, SaaS platform has its origins in the gaming industry. We use gaming know-how married to mobile
technology and big data to create beautiful, geo-spatially accurate renditions of cities, countries and continents to create a fast and fun, interactive 3D map. Here some reasons why you should use eeGeo platform. 

The eeGeo Platform provides everything you need to build applications using interactive 3D maps. It provides global mapping coverage at building-level detail with an ability to quickly and easily add or update cities, regions and countries. Maps are streamed in real-time to enable instant interactivity on mobile devices. Applications can deliver geo-located content and information within an engaging 3D environment through customisable points of interest, dynamic tours and animated objects.

Complete Control
Maps that let you go beyond pins and overlays. Your app has unprecedented control over design, data, buildings, roads, indoor spaces, tours and more

True 3D
Beautifully immersive, dynamic, and engaging 3D maps. Improve user acquisition, retention and engagement by providing a compelling, intuitive experience.

Cloud-resident Platform
Our SaaS cloud-resident platform supports on demand, real-time streaming of map data to end user devices. If you have no data-connection our maps also work offline.
Global Coverage
We process terabytes of source map data from vendors such as TomTom, Ordnance Survey, ZENRIN, NASA, Micello and OpenStreetMap to produce a geospatially accurate 3D map of the world.
Our mobile-first cross-platform SDK lets you build apps using a single API for iOS, Android, OSX, WebGL and OculusVR

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