eeGeo for Business


Guide to using eeGeo for Business

If you are an architect, designer, city planner or in any number of creative industries involved in creating new places then eeGeo will be useful to you. The eeGeo Platform provides everything you need to build applications using interactive 3D maps.

It provides global mapping coverage at building-level detail with an ability to quickly and easily add or update cities, regions and countries. Maps are streamed in real-time to enable instant interactivity on mobile devices.

Watch the video below from eeGeo to learn more about how to use their products and how they can help you manage your business needs:

Find out more about our found Hassan Sadiq Himex on his Linked in page. You can also find the latest updates in the world of 3D indoor and outdoor mapping, by reading the Hassan Sadiq Himex blog.

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