The Importance of 3D Mapping in the Modern World by Hassan Sadiq


Why 3D Mapping is Commercially and Culturally Important

A known British tech entrepreneur, Hassan Sadiq has established a career in founding and leading a number of successful companies. She has also made a name for himself in the field of virtual reality and 3D mapping. A graduate of Bradford College, he has been credited for such successful companies involved in business technology such as WRLD3D, new Planet Solutions, Hubio/Himex, and Innovation Group Ltd.

It is so easy to see why 3D mapping will prove to be a huge asset commercially. Companies these days might want to get a complete map of their machinery or their real estate to allow them to not only identify possible flaws but to also track possible maintenance needs. A three-dimensional map can also be most useful in making improvements to a design.

However, beyond the commercial aspect, 3D mapping can also be used to help preserve a place in its physical actuality. Over time, places change and while these changes are expected to be part and parcel of growth and development and progress, these changes cause something of the place to be lost in some form of another. For instance, structures that used to be in an area may no longer be there.

Hassan Sadiq Himex

While change is something that is to be expected as places progress, sometimes, it may be best to better visualise it and 3D maps provide the most ideal solution to achieve that. It can help preserve the features of a certain place today in the hopes that it might benefit those who will be living in the future in the event that they want to look back and see how far they have come. The use of 3D mapping can also help provide the necessary place information contextually, in a manner that people will understand it better.

Most of the images that people have of historic places today are just but 2D images. While photographs do tend to give you some very strong emotions in connection to a place, but it is nothing compared to how you would be able to view a place in 3D. There is a huge difference between images in 2D and a 3D map. When it comes to understanding the physicality of a place, in the event that you might want to either preserve it or have it restored, the information and details provided by a 3D mapping of the place will be far superior. In fact, it would even feel as if you are actually there in the place.

The benefits of 3D mapping do not just stop with historic site preservation too. The new technology also has a great potential for being a motivational factor for students to want to study Science, Engineering, Technology, and Mathematics. Technology has become much more accessible now. 3D maps can be created by students inexpensively. 

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This means that they can easily take on projects that may prove to be of such considerable importance to themselves and their respective communities. In turn, this also helps forward their interest in whatever field of interest they have that may lead to a fruitful and rewarding career. Learn more about other benefits of 3D mapping technology by reading about Hassan Sadiq Himex online. You can also follow Hassan Sadiq Himex on Google plus. Read more about Hassan Sadiq on his Visual CV page here.

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