Maximizing 3D Mapping in Creating Virtual Real Estate Tours


How the Real Estate Industry can benefit from 3D Mapping 

To a lot of people, 3D mapping is something that only film sets in Hollywood can afford. While the technology did start out as something that only big companies like Google can only afford, recent developments in the field have made it a more accessible and more cost-efficient tool for a number of applications. It is even more widely available now and one of the industries that can certainly take advantage of its presence is the real estate industry.

Property tour issues

Real estate agents very well know how challenging it can be to get a property ready to show. There is much effort and time needed to make it as appealing as possible to prospective buyers. Dressing a property up and then staging it is never easy. It doesn’t help too that there is also a lot of work needed to get schedules arranged for possible buyers.

This does not even take into consideration those instances when the property involved might be occupied. Also, properties tagged as high profile ones tend to have a lot of sightseers. These are people who are not really interested in buying the house but are just there to get a glimpse of well-renowned property.

Photos are never enough

While many agents take to using photographs to show to potential buyers what it is that they are getting into, they just are not enough, while these photos allow for buyers to see the different parts of the property or the interesting features it offers, but a still image is just not enough to sell what makes a property as unique and worthy of purchasing as possible.

Interior photos will never really be able to give a viewer that sense of flow-something that is considered a unique trait for every property. It is also a fact that still photos can end up causing a disjointed view of the area of the house even when the best equipment is used to capture them. Even with tons of pictures shown to them, a lot of potential buyers would still want to be able to see the property for themselves to really get a good feel of it.

Real estate 3D mapping

The use of 3D mapping technology may be the best way to solve this issue. The house will only need to get set up once and the mapping team can be tasked to come up with a walkthrough of the entire property, though virtually. This means that if the property is occupied, there is no need for existing occupants to be bothered whenever somebody interested in renting out a part of the house wants to come over and see things for himself.

Watch the video below to learn more.

Potential buyers can also enjoy walking through the property at their own pace. There will no longer be any need for appointments. The technology will offer a more immersive and richer experience compared to just a slideshow of still photos. Learn more about the potential of 3D mapping in the real estate industry by reading about Hassan Sadiq Himex online. Check out Hassan Sadiq Himex vb profile here.

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