3D Mapping for Gaming


Hassan Sadiq is chairman of successful 3D mapping company WRLD, its exciting time at WRLD as they further developed their technology. Here is how 3D mapping is used in gaming.   

The greatness by which technology has changed gaming is very high. Currently, virtual reality devices transform our homes into gaming environments. Users can play games with their house as the gaming environment. The technology itself is relatively new and expensive making it unaffordable for many. London-based company, WRLD, has taken the challenge to create a programmable 3D model of the entire world. This map will be very useful to game developers who want to create a kind of virtual reality gaming feeling by incorporating relevant familiar locations into their games.

The 3D map of the world is being developed by gaming Stalwarts, who previously worked on Lego Series, Lemmings, and Grand Theft Auto. The maps will not only be used in gaming but also in virtual reality and augmented reality. What makes these maps different from Apples’ and Google’s, is the fact that they are manipulable and programmable. The maps will enable users to highlight every building with reduced efficiency.

The model is like a gaming world though it has factual geometrics and geographical positioning. They are as accurate as satellite data, and Google maps.

 WRLD have landed deals to map for international clients. Even though the first maps were not designed for commercial use, it has already received 4.5 million downloads.

WRLD have been working on the global mapping technology for years. WRLD created a 3D model of Japan that had hundreds of thousands of building, railway line, and mountains in three weeks. Since then they have expanded it with cherry blossom and bullet trains.

Apart from gaming, the more practical realization of the global map will include pointing out where products are located in a shopping centre to aid customers to navigate quickly or even tracking patients and equipment in a hospital to ensure sufficient efficiency. As WRLD proceeds with the creation of a global map, it is also concentrating on its next challenge that is mapping interior space and develops a product for virtual reality. WRLD knows that the world needs a unique virtual reality, and they are working to make it available.

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